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Conversations with Leaders

“Conversations with Leaders” is a series of facilitated conversational gatherings of those with a leadership role (from every sector) in order to help those in leadership roles to meet fresh faces and ideas and build different kinds of relationships from their normal organisational or sectoral ones.
The aims of “Conversations with Leaders” are to:

  • Promote and encourage conversations about leadership and leading
  • Bring together diverse individuals and organisations who might not usually sit down together to help them create new relationships and learning
  • Share and transfer knowledge, skills and processes in specific conversational techniques for leaders
  • Set the environment for reflection and learning
  • Promote creative and innovative thinking and so contribute to building the future

The intention is to hold during the year 4 or 5 short morning events (a launch one and then subsequent ones focused on different leadership conversational approaches such as appreciative inquiry) and to hold a larger annual conference at which there will be lead contributors who are well respected in the field of conversational leadership.

All events will involve input from respected leadership role models from different sectors each with their own leadership story and practice to share and learn from.

This approach has the potential to create new links and relationships; to promote the setting up of groups of individuals for their own “Leadership Trusted Thinking Space” (an Action Learning Set) and to promote reflection, learning and conversations as 3 essential core leadership activities.

It is hoped that the “Conversations with Leaders” participants will co-create positive learning, reflections, trusted relationships and influence positive change in all sorts of areas in Wales by being “conversational leaders”.

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