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Learning Pathways Cymru offers a range of leadership development interventions, specialising in the skills and behaviours associated with transformational leadership. Transformational leadership goes hand in glove with transactional leadership, but it is specifically the elements of leadership that are about vision, communicating that vision with others and engaging them to be part of making it happen, stimulating an environment in which people can be creative and innovative and also very much about treating everyone as an individual.

Effective leadership is essential at all levels of an organisation. Developing leadership capability and capacity creates a real competitive edge to your business or organisation.

Learning Pathways Cymru’s leadership development:

  • Is solution-focused, designed to increase engagement and optimise performance in the workplace
  • Will be consistent with your organisation’s culture and needs
  • Is appreciative in its approach, building on success and strengths
  • Has an over-arching theme of conversational leadership that transforms traditional leadership
    development activities into dynamic resources that stimulate leadership capacity

Learning Pathways Cymru’s unique conversational leadership approach is delivered via the following interventions:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Facilitation
  • Action Learning Set facilitation
  • Bespoke workshops covering, as required, leadership conversational skills in coaching, effective meetings, presentations, appreciative inquiry
  • Bespoke leadership programmes
  • Facilitated leadership conversations for teams that are flexible and yet pragmatic in terms of their outcomes and impact
  • Facilitated conversational leadership events

E: barbarachidgey@learningpathways.info
M: +(44)7989 385114
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